Web3 Marketing Strategy for Business

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Want to be successful in the Web3 space but don't know where to begin?

Ettaverse offers consulting services that can help you develop and implement an effective marketing strategy for your project.

By working with Ettaverse, you will gain access to our team of Blockchain marketing experts. Together we will work to grow your community and execute a successful strategy for your Web3 project. 

We'll give you the tools to monetize your project on the Blockchain and make sure everyone knows about your amazing work!


Consultancy Services

Ettaverse can handle everything your need to onboard to Web3 services including:

NFT Marketing Services

We offer our knowledge and experience in the crypto market to scale up your business by targeting the Crypto community. We offer the best content and strategies to match your audience because we know their mindset.

What people say

"Charmaine worked with us at METACOLLECT as a consultant to our NFT art brand UNDRGRND. She has extensive knowledge bridging between the Web3 and traditional art industry which is a unique skill set and something we value highly. Her professionalism when delivering feedback and advise is second to none and we look forward to working with her in the future."

Kenny Lienhard - CEO of Metacollect

"I've had the pleasure to speak with Charmaine in the NFT space. She has so much knowledge in this field. She's passionate about on boarding new artists. If you want to know more about Web3 and the Metaverse you don't have to look any further because she has the skillset that can very useful to anyone. I would highly recommend making her part of your journey. Charmaine is very profession and trustworthy."

Nino DiPietro - Founder of Nino NFT Cafe

"In the NFT space, Charmaine has worked with artists and projects to advise on areas such as marketing, web3 strategy, branding and increased community engagement. She takes time to understand the artist/team behind a project as well as their needs, plans and how she can help them achieve their goals. Charmaine has a strong influence and network in the space and has advised many artists, project teams and collectors with highly successful results."

Samantha Crawford - Cryptocurrency Investor and NFT Collector

"Laura is a genius at what she does. Understanding the consumer, and getting them on their feet is the first step to the success of any advertising action, and few people like Laura do it with such ease. Adapting and learning new industries is not a challenge for her. She is a fast learner. When I proposed to her to do something with NFTs, she said yes, and we started. She is a very valuable contact, so I encourage you to work with her!"

Andrés Toledano - Founder of Authenticity, NFT Consulting Agency

I found Charmaine in the NFT world and the metaverse, and I can only say that she is a pioneering expert in the field, with extraordinary knowledge. She has the experience, contacts, and extraordinary recognition among the best-known artists and collectors.

For me personally, she has solved my doubts and problems with absolute efficiency and speed. In addition, she can inform on any matter related to the web3, her knowledge is advanced. She is always immersed in projects with renowned artists and creates informative spaces.

Gala Misissa - OG NFT Artist. 

Etta and Laura are really friendly and approachable. They made me feel relaxed and interested in my work whilst on a video call with them. They stayed in communication and shared their knowledge of progressing my reach through different marketing techniques and effective branding. 


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